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2T/H Wood Pellet Dust-Free Production Line in France

With the development of the times, wood pellets have entered people’s field of vision as biomass energy. At the same time, the rise of biomass power plants in various places has opened up sales for wood pellets. Enterprises from various countries have started to set up wood pellet production plants to develop new pellet energy.

A French energy company is committed to the production of new energy fuel pellets, and wants to use local abundant raw materials to open a wood pellet processing plant. To set up a pellet processing plant, the first thing to bear the brunt is the wood pellet machine equipment. In order to purchase equipment, the customer inspected in many ways. I learned that our company is specialized in the production of wood pellet machine equipment, straw pellet machine equipment and organic fertilizer pellet machine equipment.

Therefore, French energy companies quickly established contact with us. After understanding the actual needs of the customer, our sales manager communicated with the customer by email and other means. In line with the attitude of “customer first, pursuit of excellence”, the sales manager of our company made a detailed introduction to the company’s workshop, exhibition hall and test machine area through video shooting, so that customers can fully understand the company.

After communication, the customer finally chooses to cooperate with us. On July 3, 2020, the company delivered a 2T/H wood pellet machine production line ordered by the customer. The production line includes the wood pellet machine host, multi-functional pulverizer, and feeding and conveying equipment.

After our guidance, the French customer finally completed the installation in December 2020. The machine is running successfully and the customer is very satisfied.

2T/H Wood Block Dust-Free Production Line in France

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