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Solution To High Temperature Of Wood Pellet Machine

After the wood pellet machine has been working for a period of time, due to long-term work, the machine will not be able to work due to the high temperature, which will cause losses. Then why the machine temperature is too high, and how to deal with these problems, let’s take a look together below Let’s go.

Reasons for high temperature of wood pellet machine:

1. The natural climate and high temperature of the working environment lead to an increase in the temperature of the lubricating oil in the equipment.

2. The volume of the fuel tank is too small, the cooling area is not enough, and the small solvent in the cooling device is also the reason for the high temperature.

3. Select the quantitative oil supply automatic system according to the oil inlet speed of lubricating oil. This work will release heat from most of the high-pressure current limiting and safety valves.

4. The gap between the pellet machine ring die and the pressure roller is not suitable or the gap is too small, or the gap is too large due to long-term wear and tear, a large amount of lubricating oil leaks, resulting in capacity loss, the efficiency of the automatic oil supply system is reduced, and the temperature rises rapidly.

Solution To High Temperature Of Wood Pellet Machine

Cooling method:

1. According to different load requirements, check and adjust the pressure of the pellet machine safety valve to make it correct.

2. Select the viscosity of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, especially when conditions permit, try to use lower viscosity and viscosity to reduce friction loss.

3. Improve the lubrication conditions of the moving parts of the pellet machine. In order to reduce friction loss, it helps to reduce workload and reduce heat generation. A cooling device can be added if necessary.